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Knee pain and dysfunction is a very common problem, especially in athletic groups and the older population.

Knee issues can be very debilitating as it affects the way we walk and stand, leading to many other body problems if not dealt with.

Common conditions associated with knee pain include: local muscle and ligament strains and sprains, ligament rupture (ACL etc), meniscus injury, arthritic presentations (degeneration), Osgood Schlatter’s disease, knee bursitis, ITB syndrome, patella tendinopathies, referred pain from hip and low back problems, along with many other diseases.

Knee pain is often felt as a sharp intense pain around the joint region or as a diffuse, non specific ache. It can feel stiff and rigid accompanied with crepitus (noises) on movement. Usually it is difficult to walk up and down stairs, get out of a chair, or do a squat at the gym.


There are many causes of knee pain, although many have similar mechanisms such as:

  • Poor posture/spinal alignment
  • Overuse (running and other sports)
  • Poor sitting or sitting too long
  • Inactivity
  • Excessive body weight
  • Trauma
  • Pathology or disease

 If serious pathology or disease is ruled out, then most knee problems are related to poor structural alignment. This leads to muscle imbalances and improper use of the lower limb/leg.

When spine and pelvis are dysfunctional it can lead to referred pressure and pain into the leg, especially the knee. The knee in general is one of the bodies largest compensatory joints and takes on the extra workload when posture is poor.


There are two ways people look to help knee pain:

1. Treat the pain and symptoms:

Medication is often a ‘quick fix’ method for helping knee pain, along with many other therapies that solely focus reducing the symptoms. While this may help remove the immediate pain, it is a short-term solution and does not correct the underlying cause of the problem, your spinal alignment. The problem is likely to return.

Pain treatment, without ever addressing the root cause of knee pain, can result in an ongoing and increasing need for medication. As you age, mobility can be severely impacted, and ongoing knee pain can decrease quality of life.

2. Correct the cause of the problem:

Imagine being able to identify the cause of your knee pain and resolving that issue!

Treatment with ABC™, through real and immediate correction of body structure results in improved spinal alignment and posture. Over time this process will both improve the symptoms and lead to long term resolution of the structural cause of knee pain.


Our Chiropractic method, Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ (ABC™) is a hands on therapy that corrects spinal alignment and posture.

ABC™ is a therapy that looks at the body as a whole and not just individual parts operating separately from each other. By acknowledging that the body is a single, whole functioning unit, we can get to the root of your body issues and truly correct them while preventing issues from developing in the future.

Correcting your structural alignment from top to bottom takes pressure off the muscles, ligaments, discs, and nerves in your back. Removing these pressures helps the body to heal naturally.

ABC™ consists broadly of manoeuvres such as spinal stretches, hands on adjustments of the spine, ribs, and lower extremities which result in consistent and predictable results including postural correction.

Correcting your spinal alignment with Advanced Bio- Structural Correction helps you get real and immediate relief knee pain, as well as preventing the problem from returning in the future. In short, ABC™ is a holistic healthcare system aimed at not only improving symptoms but helping bodies to function and feel their best.

By improving posture through this therapy, one will notice ease in breathing, clarity in the head, and often a sense balance in the body.


The nervous system is our communication pathway between our body and brain.

It helps to regulate and control every action in our body. It is extremely important that our nervous system is working at its optimum if we want to function well and live a healthy life.

As our structural system (mostly skull and spine) encloses and protects our nervous system, it can have a direct influence on how well our brain, spinal cord and its peripheral nerves are functioning.

If the alignment of the bones in our structural system, especially our spine start to lose their ideal shape or become dysfunctional it can impact the nervous system adversely.

By improving spinal alignment and posture, pressure and tension can come off your nervous system. In turn, this helps your body to function and feel its best while reducing the likelihood of encountering injuries and greater problems in the future.


At Kirsh Chiropractic our goal is to fix bodies and help prevent injuries from returning. Ultimately, we want to make your body work well so you can enjoy life uninhibited by pain. Once posture is corrected, it is recommended to keep it in good shape. This is best managed through a protective adjustment periodically, along with our advice around day to day living.




Includes clinical history, full examination, x-rays (if required) first chiropractic adjustment*


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ABC is a unique approach which produces consistent, predictable results.





Includes clinical history, full examination, x-rays (if required) first chiropractic adjustment*