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Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ (ABC™) is a truly revolutionary Chiropractic technique, that is producing consistent and predictable results for people of all ages. It has amazing success with fixing postural issues.




To understand ABC™ it is first important to understand the body…


1) The body has an ability to self-correct problems: for example, if you cut your finger, without any conscious effort on your behalf, the cut with heal.


2) The body can not self-correct all problems: again this is self-evident. If the body could self-correct all problems, disease and body problems would not exist. There would be no need for Chiropractors or other health professionals. Obviously, there are a lot of people in this world in pain. 


3) The body encounters stressors everyday, such as sitting, accidents, bumps and falls as a child, and repetitive bad postures. These stresses have the ability to shift spinal bones out of their optimal alignment.


4) Normally, if the body has a bone shift out of its optimal alignment, the body will correct this problem. Usually, by using muscular effort to pull the bone back into correct alignment.


5) However, if bones in the spine shift in a FORWARD direction, the body does not have any muscles or combination of muscles capable of pulling in the opposite direction to re position the bone back into place. THIS IS THE PROBLEM THAT THE BODY CAN NOT SELF-CORRECT, and as such is the basic factor or root cause problem relating to mechanical issues within the body.  


6) Because of this problem,  the body is stuck in a FORWARD posture. This places extra pressure on the body, as well as placing tension and strain on the nervous system, resulting in pain and poor performance.


7) Due to this pressure on the nervous system and body, the structural system will COMPENSATE for this problem it cannot self-correct, by twisting other muscles and joints up. This smart adaptation takes pressure off the body from the problem it cannot correct.


8) Over the course of one’s life, many bones are pushed FORWARD in the direction that the body cannot correct. The body has to create layer upon layer of compensatory twist.


9) The more layers of compensatory twist that develop, the more one’s body becomes rigid and stiff and is what causes poor posture. This tension pulls the body into a forward and twisted position.


10) Eventually, the body has no more “room to hide”, it cannot compensate any more. This is where problems start. Most problems that we see, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and many more are the result of this build up of compensatory twist over time.




ABC™ is concerned only with correcting the problems that the body cannot self-correct. In the case of mechanical issues, this is when bones shift out of their optimal alignment, or in a direction there are no muscles or combination of muscles needed to pull the bone back into normal alignment. 

Dr Dimitro will locate the bones in your body by using comprehensive testing to determine which bones are in a position the body cannot self-correct.

When these issues have been corrected, the body no longer needs to compensate for a problem that doesn’t exist!

Gradually, over time, the body will release the layers of compensatory twist that have been created in response to misalignments the body could not correct. This process is called UNWINDING. 

This is a fantastic thing, not only because people’s immediate pain begins to melt away, but it also allows your body to become more flexible and pliable, helping you live a life without physical limitation.




ABC™ is a hands on (manual) method of Chiropractic care. Dr Dimitro Kirsh will utilise a system of spinal stretches, coupled with adjustments of the spine, pelvis, ribs, and lower extremity (ankles, knees, and feet). 

Each adjustment, Dr D will check and adjust your ENTIRE BODY – Not just where it is painful. Most people find the process to be comfortable.

Patients often notice IMMEDIATE changes in their breathing, posture and pain levels after just their first ABC™ adjustment.

If you would like to make an appointment to see how ABC™ can help you, please book online using the link below.






Includes clinical history, full examination, x-rays (if required) first chiropractic adjustment*


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Includes clinical history, full examination, x-rays (if required) first chiropractic adjustment*