Kirsh Chiropractic helping your business and its employees

The health and contentment of workers in a business is of the utmost importance when it comes to productivity and running a successful company. It is often not discussed, but injuries to workers due to improper ergonomic setups such as sitting poorly or lifting improperly can have huge economic impacts on a business. Kirsh Chiropractic offers a range of options to help businesses improve and maintain their workers health and happiness. We service businesses in the Blackburn and surrounding suburbs with in office consults and presentations focusing on ergonomics and improving posture to reduce workplace injuries and improve worker productivity.

As we tailor in office visits to the needs of each business, costs, activities, and required time will differ for Ergonomic Assessments/Corporate Screenings. Some of the common assessments and programs offered are:

Individual Ergonomic Assessment: This is an individual assessment of workstation setup with information on correction and improvements that can be made to optimize worker satisfaction and reduce risk of injury. Most assessments take 20-30 minutes to conduct.

Group ergonomic presentations: Topics can be varied for presentations, usually covering how to set up a work chair to sit properly and improvements to general ergonomics in workplace settings. Presentations generally run for 30-60 minutes.

Posture Assessments: These assessments involve taking digital posture photos and providing detailed feedback regarding the structural health of the individual as it pertains to their posture. This is a great option for ‘heath event’ days at businesses for all workers to take part in. Each assessment takes around 10-20 minutes to conduct.


  • Assist workers in adopting correct postures and safe body mechanics; significantly decreasing injury risk
  • Maximise an individual’s comfort at work, increasing productivity
  • Provide education for workers regarding the importance of taking appropriate breaks and using correct stretching techniques to manage or prevent discomfort.

Call or email our practice today for more information on what we can offer your business to help improve and maintain the health of your workers!