Chiropractic FAQs

How does chiropractic care help?

Your spine protects your nervous system which controls your entire body including how you function and move. Your nervous system also impacts how you handle stress and express emotions. During our everyday lives, it’s not uncommon to experience tension, misalignments and distortion to your spine which can cause problems throughout your entire nervous system. It’s why sometimes you may experience neck pain, aching joints or muscle pain that is being caused by a blockage or distortion in your spine. Left untreated, these issues often persist and cause unnecessary discomfort, pain and stress for patients.
Chiropractic care helps you maintain a healthy spine and joint function. Our techniques ensure your spine is well aligned to allow for a healthy and functioning nervous system. Making adjustments and correcting any abnormal positions reduces the stress on your spine and nervous system. As a result, muscle aches and joint pains are relieved, and your body can begin its self-healing process.

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Why choose Kirsh Chiropractic?

Modern practice providing top quality healthcare to eastern suburbs. We are a family focused clinic, providing consistent, predictable outcomes for the health and wellness of each individual coming through our doors. We utilise the most recent techniques and procedures in chiropractic, with a strong focus on postural improvement, which allows us to get to the root cause of body issues that lead to symptoms and poor health. We provide tangible changes to the health of your body through visually seeing changes in posture as you go through care. We are here to serve people of all ages in our community to live healthier, happier lives!

What can you expect from your chiropractic treatment?

At Kirsh Chiropractic we implement a specific technique system called Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) which consistently and predictably corrects for structural dysfunctions that lead to poor posture and alignment of the body. In turn, this process leads to improvements in posture that allows the body to move and feel the way it should throughout life. The treatment is a hands on process, which focuses on whole body correction from head to spine and pelvis through to legs and feet. The only way to get lasting outcomes is to address the body as a whole, which is what we achieve each visit at our practice.

“Walk me through how the process works e.g. the first session is a discovery session to find the problem and set out a treatment plan to fix the issue”

The Process:
The first visit is all about figuring out what’s going on with your issue and how we can help. We go through a thorough case history, comprehensive physical exam, and decide on whether we need any imaging (x rays or the like).
The second visit includes a detailed report of what we think is going on with your body and providing a plan on how we can fix it. We also go through a presentation on how we fit into the healthcare system and what our focus is as chiropractors.
Once we start care, we organise a structured plan to get the best results possible to get relief and work towards stabilising the problem. We have regular reviews to check in on progress and to observe how your body is changing and improving.

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How long can one expect results?

In most cases, relief of pain or the presenting symptom can be attained within weeks. Most issues begin to stabilise within months, and we will observe good improvements in posture that will consistently be permanent when the education we provide around sitting, sleeping, and movement patterns is applied in day to day life.

What type of results can one expect?

Results will vary depending on initial goals. In most cases, pain and dysfunction can be completely resolved over time, and optimal posture can be restored with this type of therapy. Consistent, predictable results are what we see every day in practice as it pertains to improving posture and increasing the health and wellness of each person that comes in for care.

Do I need a Referral from a GP?

You do not require a referral to see a Chiropractor. Chiropractors are licensed primary health care professionals who examine, diagnose and care for patients without any referral although in some instances other health professionals may refer you to a chiropractor.


Includes clinical history, full examination, x-rays (if required) first chiropractic adjustment*


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Includes clinical history, full examination, x-rays (if required) first chiropractic adjustment*