ABC helping to keep you moving well and feeling young!

How well we feel is often described as how mobile or freely each part and joint in our body is moving. Most think of ageing as a direct relationship with how stiff and sore our bodies feel. When a body is young we see it as a supple and flexible system with tissue that moulds and bends easily and as we age most describe their body as slowly becoming more rigid and stiff, lacking free movement and the inability to perform certain activities with ease and free flow.

The general thought is that normal ageing comes with the body losing its mobility and along with it becoming more stiff and rigid with a sense of discomfort or the start of aches and pains. How often do we hear people justify a soreness or lack of ability to perform a task due to their age? The body does breakdown due to the stresses it encounters over time, but this doesn’t mean you have to feel and move poorly as you age because “that’s just the way it is”, or is accepted as being “normal”. The main reason bodies start to lose their mobility and function is related to how well balanced the bones in a body are positioned and this will be reflected in a person’s posture.

There are many causes for losing mobility and becoming stiff, the following are some of the common ones:

poor posture

sitting and sleeping poorly

trauma (car accidents, falls)

repetitive movements in poor position

pathology or disease

The great news is that most mobility issues and the stiffness that occurs in bodies over time can be avoided and in many cases reversed or reduced in those already experiencing problems. ABC takes care of the root cause of what makes bodies stiff and over time can have dramatic effect on how well a person moves and feels. Ask any questions you have at your next adjustment!